15 September 2011

Happy Days Again

The other night I went off to listen to Alan Glynn read from his new thriller, "Bloodland". It is much easier when a book is read aloud in a friendly atmosphere than when, finally, one sits down to untangle character, plot and local colour.

The best part of the evening was a leisurely walk through Temple Bar, down to where Essex Street intersects with Cow's Lane. It has improved beyond belief since the days in the 1980's when I went looking for ideas to write about. The new Gutter Bookshop is off the beaten track, but should find many visitors as word spreads. Friendly staff and willingness to help find the exact book for a gift always make bookshops inviting spaces.

Photos are up on the Flickr Rosewoodoil site, and I'm too busy making pies from the excellent apple crop that the wretched Summer weather seems to have encouraged to bother to link to them here.
Nature is very mysterious ...

Bluebells and Forget Me Nots in the May Garden

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