30 September 2009

Cognitive Windows of Opportunity

I'm back gardening...

It is the only activity where exercise and fruitfulness come together in a relaxed way.

The apple, pear and plum harvest has been exceptional and I'm looking forward to making jelly.

There is much to preoccupy my thoughts as I head into the overgrowth with a red handled secateurs and a determined grin. Gardening makes me happy and wipes down the windows of perception in a way that no drug or brain enhancer could.

These thoughts persist thanks to having read
"The Dark Fields"
by Alan Glynn.
The protagonist, led astray by a brother-in-law who could have stepped straight out of "The Duchess of Malfi", takes to lashing down a brain enhancer called MDT-48.
It does not do him much good in the long run, but his rise to success on the stock market could inspire some of the dullards who are trying to run the World's fiscal affairs at the moment.

Thanks to Damien Mulley who gave the book a Fluffy Thumb's Up
this week.

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