6 July 2007

No Ice

Our refridgerator and freezer broke down
during the week.

Since it's holiday time here,
more or less,
I got a neat little cooler to
tide us over the weekend.

I've really got into the swing
of telephone buying...
much easier to 'phone a shop,
ask for the size and price of
a popular machine and do a
thorough search on the Net.

The time that could have been spent in a froth
walking round town can be better employed
baking and making an interesting dinner.

5 July 2007

Dress in the Art World


are everywhere
Ancient Egyptian Art.

2 July 2007

Give Me Five (part 5)

Introducing friends who have just started
blogging is simplicity itself.

There are some lovely photos at


Give Me Five (part 4)

Finding other bloggers in a locality
is relatively easy.

1 July 2007

Give Me Five (part 3)

The page speaks.

It plays music.

Give Me Five...(part 2)

2. One gets to correct spellings
after they have been posted

I've been a fan of Skan's photography
for some time.

"Immagine" is not spelled with three m's.


Give Me Five...

... good reasons to blog.

1. The friendly and encouraging bloggers
who take time to post about what takes their
fancy on the Web.

(to be continued...)