20 September 2006

Dream Time

Mostly, the Web is where people come to dream.

19 September 2006

Anonymous, Wherefore art thou Anonymous?

When I started this blog, it had one simple aim. That was to upload topical photos for friends. It has now taken on a little life of its own, which causes quite a lot of hilarity in my day.

This is thanks to the appearance of "Anonymous" in the comments section. I first met this mischievous character in primary school, when his antics, recorded throught the centuries, had great authority... far greater than the named writers of history who lacked his mysterious intangibility. He could be everywhere at once. He wrote reams of easily remembered doggeral, unlike more adult literary types, who insisted on being idiosyncratic and difficult to memorise.
He was an obsessive Graffiti expert, given to outbursts on every available wall space.

I am now proud to see that he or she has taken time to post here.

And thinking about this led me on a web search which led to this:

Preparing for Spring

Gardeners tend to love Autumn. The harvest comes, a reward for months of interesting work. Then the real fun begins... preparing for Spring. Now is the moment to choose bulbs for early colour in those cold months early in the year.

Tulips are always a favourite.