2 June 2007

Welcome Back, Anonymous

The Modern Twist 2 map has 210 members,
all, except one, Anonymous.


Pull up a chair.

Chinoiseries 3

Chinoiseries 2

Every cloud has a silver lining.

Rummaging round for Chinese connections
has brought many new ideas.

Garden lovers in particular spend a lot of
time surfing for art and design pages in
China and Japan.

The colour palettes of artists there
are particularly serene.


I'm a great fan of CRI, the lively radio station
that keeps listeners up to date with life there.
As a result I was puzzled to find that my little
graphics are not the hit I would have hoped in Shanghai
and the provinces.
Somehow, the idea that Dublin is not hot news
had not struck me.

Then I read about the

Apparently my url is blocked.

It may well be a joke. Who knows?

If it is not, perhaps somebody could explain
what it is all about?

Rank Me Beautiful

The web is becoming a hierarchical democracy.
Even colour palettes are being ranked.

With names like "Palais de Tokyo" palettes are now
important elements in daily life.

Have you ever stopped to think why one web
page is a pleasure to behold
and another less so?

Shall spend much time now wondering about
how to become less challenged in this area.

Tautology, Cavafy and Not Being Able to Wake in the Morning

I'm half asleep here on a lazy Saturday morning in Dublin. The heavy, overcast sky is no excuse for being tautological, however. I've just posted a "Happy Tenth Birthday" to Blather and given a mish-mash of a reply to Adam Maguire's interesting attempt to make sense of where blogging may be heading.

Having considered whether I should rush back to apologize for the phrase "where analysis of new technologies is well analysed" it struck me that in fact is is just what
new media watching asks us to do. We annotate the footnotes to the point of analytical annihilation.

Nobody knows where blogging is heading and that suits me just fine.

We're all sailing to Ithica in our minds. It's the jouney that counts.

1 June 2007

Getting All Close Up and Universal

I have come to respect Technorati.
Anybody starting out as a novice blogger will learn
an incredible amount by simply joining and keeping an
eye on fashions and trends as they are analysed there.

The format seems to have become much more scientific recently.
Tags are becoming more specifically linked to posts.
It's easier to find a path through the vast number of
blogs represented.

Are there other members passing through here?

Pleased to meet you, if so.

The Baroque Garden Revisited

30 May 2007

A Filtered Feast for the Eyes

Extending the range of possibilities.

If you haven't already seen it,
"Joe Strummer, The Future is Unwritten"
is not to be missed by graphics fans. The filters used are a joy.

Framing Fun

Today I started putting frames on photos.

Photofiltre is quick and has inventive twists
that help make personalised patterns.

The frame in the dandelion photo was made by
uploading a photo of a wall into the program.

An easy activity that has added
variety to a dull and wet day.

Framed by PhotoFiltre

29 May 2007

Artist at Work