2 June 2007

Tautology, Cavafy and Not Being Able to Wake in the Morning

I'm half asleep here on a lazy Saturday morning in Dublin. The heavy, overcast sky is no excuse for being tautological, however. I've just posted a "Happy Tenth Birthday" to Blather and given a mish-mash of a reply to Adam Maguire's interesting attempt to make sense of where blogging may be heading.

Having considered whether I should rush back to apologize for the phrase "where analysis of new technologies is well analysed" it struck me that in fact is is just what
new media watching asks us to do. We annotate the footnotes to the point of analytical annihilation.

Nobody knows where blogging is heading and that suits me just fine.

We're all sailing to Ithica in our minds. It's the jouney that counts.


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