23 June 2007

Linking to Irish Blogs

There are so many good blogs to read at this link.

The similar-to system is one of the most
efficient and pleasant to use on the web.

22 June 2007

Using Paint.NET for a Change

An experiment, using Paint.NET

21 June 2007

Pieris japonica

The Weather is Frightening

Many Irish bloggers are mentioning
the Midsummer Weather.

Best to pass over this sad
subject in silence, perhaps.

I tried to post a comment to
a fellow sufferer who
blogs on Wordpress.

Is it just me,
or is Wordpress

At least the post there made me laugh.

Much thanks expressed.

20 June 2007

Splashing Fountain

This Photo has been straighted
and converted to greyscale.

Dog and Tree

A link in the title bar
One Man and His Blog,
with respect.