20 February 2011

Continuing to Bear Up

There has been an outbreak of whooping cough among adults in Melbourne.
While my personalised cold is probably no more than that horror's nasty little brother, I have just been reminded about the importance of innoculation, when innoculation is possible.

I happily announced last Autumn that I never get colds. After the second bout within two months, I wonder if a 'flu innoculation might not be wise in future. However, since there is no protection against the common cold, it might just be another case of belt and braces, where neither is efficient.
This hum-dinger, apart from saving my liver from any possible alcohol damage (I could not drink wine if I were paid) has sent my co-ordination into a state of confusion. A nice piece about a restaurant I happily visited a few nights ago, Thanh Ha in Victoria Street, got mangled and deleted, unsaved.
Here's to better luck next week. Autumn Flowers