26 October 2006

I want to live with common people

... and no more so than having seen "The Devil Wears Prada".

In fact, the fashion demon wears taupe and a hint of cerulean. Hoofing it round the fashion venues of New York and Paris is hard on the feet. I have never seen so many shoes in one place.

Really enjoyed this dry look at the people who decide what we wear, whether we wish it or no.

Coding Horror

There is a blog with the title "Coding Horror". It has a great reading list, suitable for anybody who is tempted to spend hours writing code that will make contact with the wider World, not just with a handful of like-minded computer buffs.

25 October 2006

The Case of the Disappearing Lady

My last post, Testing a Theory, contains a photo. It cannot be seen, because I edited the code, quickly, efficiently.

This is a reminder to look more closely at what is inside each page one opens on the web.

"Value Added" is the new marketing device. What the value is, who is adding it, can take some consideration.

Testing a Theory

22 October 2006

Apprenticed to a Pirate...

Computing has taught me to count my blessings. I don't have to do it for a living, which is just as well, as most of my energy is spent puzzling. Puzzling about how to get in and out of various web accounts. Puzzling about how I couldn't care less about advertising on the web. Puzzling about why Microsoft kept its finger at me and accusing me of being a pirate, until I spent five days working around its paranoia. Puzzling why my new browser, Flock, gives me instant access to my Blogger account, while others tell me my e-mail does not exist or that I may by abducted by cyber-aliens if I'm not muffled to the gills in anti-evil-scripting devices.

Recently I was given a report of how corrupt my script is, the faults highlighted in day-glow yellow. It's like being back in Latin class.

Franchement, mes amis, ça m'est égal, as Clark Gable would say.