22 October 2006

Apprenticed to a Pirate...

Computing has taught me to count my blessings. I don't have to do it for a living, which is just as well, as most of my energy is spent puzzling. Puzzling about how to get in and out of various web accounts. Puzzling about how I couldn't care less about advertising on the web. Puzzling about why Microsoft kept its finger at me and accusing me of being a pirate, until I spent five days working around its paranoia. Puzzling why my new browser, Flock, gives me instant access to my Blogger account, while others tell me my e-mail does not exist or that I may by abducted by cyber-aliens if I'm not muffled to the gills in anti-evil-scripting devices.

Recently I was given a report of how corrupt my script is, the faults highlighted in day-glow yellow. It's like being back in Latin class.

Franchement, mes amis, ça m'est égal, as Clark Gable would say.


Anonymous dave said...

You can see why they got so upset when you look at the sheer volume of pirates using software that isn't registered.
The same also applies to MP3 music files people feel that because it is the web then it should be free!

10/23/2006 1:47 am  
Blogger Tales from the Birch Wood. said...

Your reminder sent me off to scour my computer. I removed the one MP3 there, just in case I was causing a social inconvenience.

We live in scary times... though this is meant to be taken lightly.

10/25/2006 4:07 pm  

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