24 February 2007

The English Independent

Students should find this Calendar useful.

En Attendant Proust

The Yahoo Proust has over 600 lively members. Experts and
Enthusiastic Readers from around the World
share ideas and insights.

23 February 2007

The Widgeting Hour

Widgets save time. They keep your reading up to date.

Try them!

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22 February 2007

Irish Blog Awards As Seen from the Blather Face

Are they a good thing?

The Irish Blog Awards, now affectionately known as
are the talk of the town.

Everybody is analysing their value,
chatting about the way that they cause
all blogging boats to rise,
wondering if resting on one's
laurels might not be the best response,
thinking that some photos of laurels
should be posted.

Blather remains between two minds on the subject,
as hitting the Title Bar here will show.

19 February 2007

Irish Towns

During Primary schooling we all learned
the names of the main towns in
every county in Ireland.

I grew up in Kells
in County Meath.

Ever since, the names
Navan, Trim, Athboy
have had a special ring.


The Watchlist feature in Technorati is a
great reason for joining
this lively community.

Keeping up to date with friends,
news, blogging activities,
is made very simple.

18 February 2007

Round the World for Sport

Some rummaging in Technorati has paid off.

There are numerous environmentalists
who plant trees and many are listed in the
Blog Directory there.

The latest find teaches about planting in desert conditions.
  Shall address this further once the heady feeling
 brought about by becoming a member of
The Irish Blogosphere
wears off.

The greenhouse is calling out for attention.
  A busy week of seed sowing lies ahead

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