7 February 2007

Promises, Promises

The promised oatmeal recipe has not appeared.

The best tip I can think of is to flatten dough into biscuit shapes and coat in oatmeal before baking. It stops the cookies sticking to the pan and gives a crispy coating all round.

6 February 2007

Comment Confusion

Today when I signed in to Blogger I was notified that a comment, unmoderated, was waiting. Hitting what I hoped were the correct buttons, I hoped to publish what had been said.

It has disappeared.

Je suis confuse.

5 February 2007

San Francisco Connection

Looking for a well made journal to start the year, I found a delightful and sturdy one in the National Gallery bookshop. Paul Brigham's "Bird Notes" has some very restful illustrations of American species, unknown in Europe. I'll be looking out for the publishers, Pomegranate of San Francisco, from now on.