2 March 2007

A Geek, And Proud

At last. Not only are widgets comprehensible, I'm beginning to collect them.

They can make a blog look a bit over-decorated, but for the moment it's fun.

Blogger have an option for making personalised widgets. A skill in itself.

1 March 2007

The Blogosphere

Blogscope is a search engine for blogs.

It uses keywords in the same way
as other systems use tags.


28 February 2007


Europe has a great traffic calming system,
based on the

27 February 2007

Baking Up a Storm

The culinary arts continue to keep my attention, as baking is a favourite activity.

Shall start a series of food photos for a change.

Irish Blog Aggregator

More linking within the Irish Blog System.

Top Irish Blogs

The Top 100 Irish Blogs, as ranked by Technorati are here.

Some mighty reading.

All a Twitter

There is much excitement in prepartion for the Irish Blog Awards on Saturday, 3rd March.

Some nominees are planning to meet before the event. This might be the opportunity to meet fellow bloggers.

The title bar here links to Tom Raftery's lively blog.