24 March 2007




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23 March 2007

More Spiders...

Various attempts to understand how spiders work
have not been successful until now.


Xanga is really worth trying.

It's so easy to upload photos to this site.

Turning the Page

22 March 2007 — New Zealand & Australian Web Directory and Search Engine.


Safe Harbor

Like a new hat, a fresh template cheers the spirits.

This is Harbor Template and if anybody feels
like commenting, I would be pleased to hear
if you think it is a pleasant change.

20 March 2007

I joined ages ago. It's a very large forum,
with plenty of activity and lively posters.
I even got some welcome e-mails, which was very

Shall have to get back posting there again soon.

It's one of those days where one does not have
time to draw breath. A wild, enervating wind
has hit our city and people are moving quickly
to keep warm.

It looks as if it may snow.


Learning which tag to add to a post is
and art in itself.

Tags have popularity ratings.

Gardening Blogs in Ireland

Our climate is one of the most suitable for gardening in Europe.
A moist climate, temperate year round temperatures
and rich soils make growing most plants relatively easy.

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18 March 2007

Happy Mothering Sunday