22 September 2007

The World May Be in a State O Chassis...

But there's no reason to take on so.

This week got even me interested in The News.

Criticism has been flying back and forth,
columnists have been making a fortune
arguing the toss on whether or not
is a
Coarse Place.

Now find myself wondering what the correct
word, in German, for coarse might be.

I have little or nothing to bother me
as you can see.

20 September 2007

Atlantic Balm

The wind has switched.

It now blows from the West,
bringing Atlantic air over the island.

A welcome change from the Bitter North Wind
that blew on Monday.

Bewitched, Bothered.,

and Bewildered,

I've just made a Slideshow.

19 September 2007

Get Up! Stand Up!

... don't give up the fight!

The Heavens opened today, so a session cutting
back the wild growth of Summer has been postponed.

Rummaging for more reasons to keep blogging,
I came across a treasure, linked to in the Title Bar here.

Blogging is a Civic Duty.

That's enough for me.

Back to the saturation levels and photo filters it is, then.

The World deserves to see the landscapes and flora that
I can enjoy every day.

17 September 2007


Finding an appropriate avatar
to accompany a persona when
posting to a chat room
is a little challenge.

Will people like it?
What does it say about the

1. photography skills
2. taste
3. colour awareness
4. personality

that one is trying to project?

Today, having left my bale of oats in a Laois field behind,
I chose to aim for the skies when making a new avatar.

16 September 2007


Find me on MySpace and be my friend!

I know that MySpace is not on a par with Rocket Science,
but it has taken weeks to get this page up and running.

I have one friend there, Tom. It took days to work out
that Tom is the web-head, not some lonely lurker.
And I'm not the only one to have been alarmed by his sudden
appearance out of the blue. One newbie to MySpace was so
perturbed that he instantly deleted Tom's welcome post,
fearing an intrusion on this lovely blank new space.
Not even being able to find the delete button,
means, in my case, that Tom is still there.
This is reassuring, in fact, as nobody else has dropped in.

Today I managed to add another link to my
very Spartan page.

Managing... one post at a time...