16 September 2007


Find me on MySpace and be my friend!

I know that MySpace is not on a par with Rocket Science,
but it has taken weeks to get this page up and running.

I have one friend there, Tom. It took days to work out
that Tom is the web-head, not some lonely lurker.
And I'm not the only one to have been alarmed by his sudden
appearance out of the blue. One newbie to MySpace was so
perturbed that he instantly deleted Tom's welcome post,
fearing an intrusion on this lovely blank new space.
Not even being able to find the delete button,
means, in my case, that Tom is still there.
This is reassuring, in fact, as nobody else has dropped in.

Today I managed to add another link to my
very Spartan page.

Managing... one post at a time...


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