13 September 2007


I have never visited New Zealand,
but thanks to Kiwirant, a very informative chat room there,
I hope that some day I'll get there.

Some of the most helpful photographers
and tech-heads are on that site.

Many thanks to Commando and DaveA in particular,
without whom my blog would have been much less

And thanks to Frood,
whose question inspired this post.

Virtual Party Time

It's my party...

and I'll laugh, if I want to.

Somwhere in his long cogitations on the Human Condition, Goethe moaned
about the Irish psyche. Something about a great stag being brought down by
a predatory group.

He just didn't get the Irish. The slagging, the banter, the being put in the corner
until you tell a story, sing a song, dance a jig or make a proper eegit of yourself
to entertain the company.

A year ago I joined forces with one of the most easy-going bunch
or revellers on the Net, Techfocus the Lounge.

It's Party Time there.

Draw up a chair.


12 September 2007

My Favourite

10 September 2007

Return to a Fun Space

Things have moved on since we visited
Emo Court in July. This garden proved
to be a favourite with all visitors.