31 January 2008

Kiwirant Again

It's worth mentioning Kiwirant from time to time.
This friendly chat group continues to be a source of
computing advice and humourous repartee.

Why not drop by there...

Advertising and Facebook

Facebook has some great marketing strategies.
It seems to be constantly in the news.

Advertising on that site is much discussed.
It doesn't bother me, as that is how it fuels itself.

However there is an ethical question when you surf.
Are you contributing to capitalism in all its forms and avatars?

29 January 2008

And Just When I Was Beginning to Relax...

... I read that Facebook is not equal to Myspace in the area of
copyright and photo ownership.

Hit the title bar. Read the complex discussion about ownership of photos
when you upload to Facebook and think carefully...

I'm taking a break...

Pear Shaped?

I'm beginning to think that the great film director, Bunuel,
would have taken to blogging like a duck to water.
I'm working out how to upload photos from Flickr to Blogger.
They are surrealistic in shape, until you click on them and
view in a new window.

A new angle on the World.

Patent New

This intellectual property subject has set me on a quest.

What happens if you apply for copyright or a patent in one country
and try to travel with it?

It's a large field...

C'est Vachement Bien

Just in case readers do not know the story
of how two Irish saints came to law over
intellectual property,
here it is.

Given such a long history of literary strife
it's probably not surprising that everybody
in Ireland has the makings of a novelist
or poet... or both.

All May Not be Vanity.... the publishing world.

I have been rightly called to book for accepting PhotoBongo
into my Blogging Life.

The way that search engine works seems acceptable, however,
as there is a notice at the bottom of each page:

"Images are copyright of their respective owners".

They spell it out, loud and clear.
If somebody wishes to use photos they must abide by the
copyright notice pasted by the owners.

This is where a gloriously medieval splitting of hairs could begin.
Search engines show photos. Should the people who operate them
be compelled to pay the owners
for this privelege?
Having been brought up with the great story of
the row over who owned the copy of a book ("to every cow it's calf;
to every book its copy") I am aware of all the nuances involved.

So why am I happy with the current arrangement?
Because, unlike some systems, PhotoBongo does not add
little notices to my photos that indicate that they are
claiming copyright, that's why.
So far, there is no indication that they wish to resize my
work for their own benefit.

Vanity? ... It's all there, delivered daily
in manageable doses.

28 January 2008

Bongos are not only Drums

Having recovered from the shock of finding that search engines
are omni-present and given to sucking in photos everywhere,
I'm contented to find


This site is categorised according to tags and themes.
It seems to have found Photographedublin and has been
merrily cataloguing photos into easily accessible pages.

It seems to have infinite variety and has a pleasant template.