29 January 2008

Pear Shaped?

I'm beginning to think that the great film director, Bunuel,
would have taken to blogging like a duck to water.
I'm working out how to upload photos from Flickr to Blogger.
They are surrealistic in shape, until you click on them and
view in a new window.

A new angle on the World.


Blogger DaviMack said...

Nah - just use the html code & leave the picture on Flickr, rather than pulling it into Blogger. Leaving it on Flickr means that you can control it centrally - taking it down, if you want - and don't have Google (a.k.a. 'blogger') messing with your ownership.

If you want some html snippets, write me.

2/03/2008 6:12 pm  

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