28 April 2007


We're all ethnographers now.

I'm allowed to share this link as long
as I give credit where it is due.


27 April 2007


In an effort to make links to Web 2.0 and
Web Design ideas, I made a page on


Flickr has a neat system for putting photos on a
map of the World.

This could be very useful for botanists, landscape artists,
fashion gurus.

26 April 2007

Film and Photography

There is an ongoing debate on the Web about the differences
between Kodak and Fuji film processing.

I use both and enjoy looking at the various effects
that can be achieved.

This photo was taken with Kodak 160 VC.

25 April 2007

Web Camera Mode

Finding out how a Fuji Finepix e500 works.

24 April 2007

The Value of Marketing

I've just had a reminder of how a personal touch
is essential in any business.

Fotopic, remains a favourite site, even if I
have not visited for some time.

It offered my first experience of uploading
photos some years ago and it was a pleasure
to get an e-mail from the site managers a
few moments ago.

Looking at the site I began with reminds
me of how buying a good lens for my SLR
was one of the best moves ever.

A nostalgic moment.

23 April 2007

We Are the Web.

If the Internet seems Surreal, it's because it is.
Form and function are no longer one.

This Youtube exposé of how Web 2.0 works
was composed by Michael Wesch.

It has set the Net on fire.


Primal Sneeze has come back with a query about why,
if an application is Plug and Play, one might need help
from forum members to get it up and running.

The best metaphor I can find for using all the applications
available on the Web is that of knitting. Everything sets off
swimmingly, but one missed stitch along the way can cause chaos.
That is when discussion is needed.

I dislike the feeling that a machine is actually directing every move
I make, which probably explains why I also dislike the inevitablity
of knitting. I needed help in learning to use Blogger at first because
even though I could upload photos with relative ease and use the system
for placing them, it was pleasant to think that, by adding code to the template,
my blog had a personal touch, something that was not available everywhere.

The fact that the links on the bottom, left-hand corner of this page were
set by hand into the template gives much satisfaction, much more so than when I upload
a HTML link directly into a pre-set system.

Humans like discussing the ups and downs of computing, and so visit
Forum chat rooms, even if they already half know what they are doing.
Hence my thanks, eternally, to old photography pals from Blather, p45,
Kiwirant, h2g2 and Techfocus the Lounge.

I mean, when was the last time your computer asked you if you were
having a good day?

Botanical Latin

Languages Galore

The h2g2 site is a mine of information.
Icy North's piece on saying Grace in Latin
is especially well researched... and full of wit.

It has brought me back the five years spent
studying Cicero and Horace, not to mention
my favourite, Ovid, who could complain about
being banished to the country with such style.

Lost for Words

I have reached the limit of feedback on Web 2.0.

It's enough to say that computing has been one of the
greatest challenges of the past few years and that
HTML and XML, literally, say nothing to me. These languages
make me feel dizzy. I had the same reaction to short-hand,
which ensured that I spared myself years of looking
at alarming squiggles.

Perhaps, in time, they will become simpler?

That's all.

22 April 2007

The Last Word on Web 2.0

StumbleUpon has a lively Web 2.0 group.

Efficiency for Earth Day

Saving bandwidth saves electricity and energy in general.

Think of using ImageShack code when sharing photos.

A Quick Reminder... OpenId

It's useful to get an OpenId account.
It saves time.
It's even possible to make a blog
OpenId enabled.

What is Web 2.0?

Thanks to Primal Sneeze for clarification on the Web 2.0 issues.
The O'Reilly article linked here helps to sort out confusion,
describing the differences between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 applications.