9 March 2011

The Blindness of Strangers...

The people who threw us out of our lodgings last week have done us a favour.

It was explained, in strident tones and with a note under the door, reminiscent of a Thomas Hardy novel.. that we were not to their purpose... not the sort of tenant they were used to and that they could do so very much better.

It was announced, very grandly, that since it was night-time and dark, we would be allowed to stay the night. Packing took a matter of minutes... the fridge was given a quick clean over, and off we went, post haste as in a Georgette Heyer romp, to stay with people who like us better.

Suddenly all the possibilities of being footloose and fancy free dawned.
A few days looking at art in the NGV, a lazy visit to the Melbourne Food Fair, a trip to "Kill City", "Ted's Cameras" and "Polyester Records" (so hip and cutting edge that the music rocking the shop was full of effing and blinding) and we were ready for a trip to the Alpine Shire around Bright.

At least we had been, up to the kerfuffle, comfortable and well housed, unlike some of the students we have met who are packed like sardines into cramped rooms. I count my blessings and continue to remember how good business practice is based on Goodwill, an asset that cannot be bought.

There is a Feydeau farce running on TV.
It could be a metaphor for the silliness of the past few days...

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