26 May 2007

Easy Listening

Newstalk, a Dublin Radio Station, must have
one of the easiest and quickest access systems
on the Net.

I've been listening to jazz and relaxing.

For Those of You Who Insist on Asking...

The political analysis is filling the airwaves and flooding the printed pages.


Good Music, Good Design


This passionflower was in bloom in Dublin on
Saturday, 19th March, 2007.

25 May 2007

Summer Flowers Again

Bright Days.

Blue Fizz

Playing with Gamma.

Leaf Tips

Rediscovering the possibilities found in the
Graphic Editing Program,

24 May 2007

Bright Yellow

A Light Moment.

Green Flowers

Green Flowers Glow.


This is the original photo of a dandelion.
The link shows the rich tones that can be
achieved with a simple filter.

Summer Flower

Summer colours.

23 May 2007

Dizzy Skies

Yet another dizzy day dawns.

Purple Clematis

Purple Flowers bring a touch of Luxury.

21 May 2007

Fine Tulips

Striped Tulips in Sunlight.

Using Artmaster

Drawing made from a photo.