27 July 2007

Saponaria, a Pretty Pink Flower

Saponaria is a pleasant plant to grow
in the herb garden. Its soft green
foliage and agreeable pink flowers are
a calming presence.

26 July 2007

Garden Festivals

The Summer Garden Festival season is upon us.
Enthusiasts from all over the World have been
enjoying the Festival at
Emo Court in County Laois in particular.
We brought a picnic
lunch there on the one sunny day of last week and
it was a great success.

James Gandon designed the amazing house at Emo
in the 18th Century. It is really worth taking
a tour there.

The Lively Dragon Fly

This photo of a dashing Dragon Fly
was taken at a garden festival
in Emo Court a week ago.

25 July 2007

Raspberry Fields Forever

The glut of fruit in Dublin gardens this month is astonishing.

One friend had so many raspberries I was invited to pick some
for jam. The photo in the link above was doctored a bit in
Irfanview, but it gives a vivid idea of the delightful colour
this favourite fruit has.

24 July 2007


The Internet has so many photos by now, that
it would be interesting to think about what
makes an image into an icon.

23 July 2007

July Roses

Pink roses glow in July.