25 May 2010


I don't wear my heart on my sleeve.

Especially in public...

Today an Irish politician is mentioned in the papers.
Punishments will be meeted out for slander, libel and any
contrary opinion expressed in blogs and online media from now

Rich, coming from a part of the island where the bawling of people in suits would
waken the dead and scare the horses.   I don't know if politicians yell so loudly
because they are afraid of not being heard or whether they wish to scare off the
ordinary punter who might like to chance their arm at running a country.

Running a house takes the skills of angels and calls for the labours of Hercules.
Working oneself into a frenzy of indignation would not advance the matter, so
I am constantly amazed at a body of people who get up every morning to shout
at one another and, even more puzzling, tell the rest of us how to live.

Really, we do live in interesting times...

Tasmanian Light

24 May 2010

Widgeting... Again...