3 October 2008

Gettings Motors Revved for the New Term

Radish Flower Bokeh in May

30 September 2008

Winners All

It was heartening to see that
the photo from the Irish Blog Awards, 2008
was favourited by two people.

Many thanks...

I Never Thought I'd See the Day

Twenty Major has retired.

Damien Mulley's farewell soliliquy may be enjoyed
by hitting the title bar here.

Co-incidentally, the photo uploaded recently
here is a personal opportunity to
wish this Prize-Winning Blogger
every happiness in the future.


How to Aggregate the Irish

For anybody who is new to blogging,
visibility is important on the Net.

Having a World-Wide audience may be a dream
for the future, but in the mean-time I'm content
to stay closer to home.

The aggregator is an up-to-date
feed-reader that is worth joining.