27 October 2007

Far Out and Impersonal

It's good to think about Net security from time to time.

I stopped using Facebook for a while, not because I share
what seems to be a general paranoia surrounding it in some
work places, but because it was mushrooming out of control
Even without sending little "bisous" to my friends I was
getting a bit complexed by all the applications.
The best seem to be those made by, where
a series of very sparkly Photo Slideshows were quickly

However, a rest was in order.

Now I find that many friends are in workplaces where
Facebook is blocked, so the whole purpose of sending
quick e-mails is suddenly obsolete. It would be useful to know
why some employers have taken such a set on what is one
of the quickest social tools we have.

And this post has generated another question...

Why is "bisous" usually spelled, in the plural form,
with an "s" rather than an "x".

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26 October 2007

A Face in the Crowd

25 October 2007

Blog Catalogues and Directories

I've had an interesting few weeks linking to sites
that catalogue blogs according to theme or subject. has a nice, sharp design and a forum
for discussion. The photography section is very well
served and visitors are logged, which means that over time
it is possible to link to posters who have similar tastes.

I came across a writer who had problems with making
blogging interesting for people who found it boring.
This is a challenge... one worth thinking about.
Many non-bloggers see a blog as some sort of self-indulgent,
self-promoting exercise, which is not really the case with
most writers and photographers I follow. Instead of having
to find a paid position which allows for work to be published,
blogging offers the opportunity for innovation and new forms.
Most paid writers and graphic employees have to fit within
the tried and tested spaces set by editors and publishers.

At last, there is a place for experimentation.
I often think that Proust would have loved Internet Blogging.
Instead of facing rejection by the large publishing houses, as was
his problem until he footed the bill to have his first book published,
he could have found a quick pathway to a World of enthusiastic readers.

24 October 2007


There's nothing like Pampas Grass
for a showy display.

Getting to Grips with Carbon

Every October I start learning something new.
It might be on any subject, in any language.

This year, 2007, I've chosen "Carbon".

23 October 2007

Blogscope Identity

I like Blogscope a lot. It's a site where you can find a multitude
of very lively links and blogs. Categories are intriguing and you
end up wondering who decides what goes where.
The statistical end of things is a bit over my head,
but I'll probably take time for a closer look soon.

Several posts from my blogs have been listed over the past
while, which is encouraging. Why blog in a vaccuum?

There has been a recent development that is even more tantalising:
I have become American.
The little tricolour that sat beside my identity has
been replaced by the stars and stripes.

Too lazy to explore this change further.

Yet another case of
"it is not our's to question 'why'"?

22 October 2007


Trying to add some colour to a photo taken with Neopan.