21 August 2010


Alan Glynn has composed a very insightful history of the grim cinema that formed my consciousness (and that of my peers) for years.

The paranoia of corporate life was very well portrayed, also, in "The Apartment a relatively black comedy, where nobody seems to be in charge. What if there is no "they" and "we" have created a faceless "Other" that gets wheeled out in popular fiction to frighten us, as fairy stories did of old?

Governments seem to be obsessed with the securing of territories, mental and physical, but only the collusion of citizens gives them power. The question of memory and cinema is fascinating and, looking at Mr Glynn's choices, the puzzle of who remembers what, and to what end, is central to most of the films there.

It is worth looking again at Last Year in Marienbad.
The critics hated it.
They were wrong...

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