29 October 2011


There is a lot of chatter about work these days. The truism that everybody should have the right to earn their living is beginning to look very irrelevant in a world where people are wearing themselves out with often meaningless activity in return for a basic living wage.

The grumbling continues so it was a pleasure to see a programme on TV during the week where John Humphrys explored the reality of the welfare state in both the US and Britain. Civilized societies have safety nets for their citizens, which is why we have social security and, for those who are unable to join the workforce, a system of benefit that ensures quality of life. I signed on in the early 1980's, as friends queued to leave the country, never to return. Between the jigs and the reels, I cobbled a job of sorts together that finally became untenable.

While I missed the people I used meet while working as a hack, it was not cost effective to keep going.

I wish that somebody would explain the realities of low paid employment to all the over-talkative experts who talk down to those who scrabble for a living daily.

Some jobs are simply not worth doing... Rock Pool in the Grampians

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28 October 2011

Much Energy...

is now spent on keeping warm.

Even though the Summer was so cold, it was not a patch on the chilly nights we are facing now. I shouldn't moan, as last evening we went to a lovely local Italian restaurant where there is always a warm welcome and exceptionally good food. This treat was after a trip to the polls. Our new president will soon be in place and the less said the better about the waves of vitriol that have poured through the official media for weeks. Most people have lives and don't bother to cause trouble daily. Picking on public figures has become the latest blood sport for some.

I was going to go to Imma this morning. The Museum of Modern Art is always interesting, but laziness took over and it also seems more pressing to organise my own photos. A strange shift of perspective has happened. Now when I go to art galleries, I'm more interested in the shots of the building and grounds that I might capture, rather than the works on display.
This is a pleasant reminder of warmer days and shows that nature in Ireland and Britain is always a joy... Maytime in Yorkshire

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27 October 2011

Grinding to a Halt?

This blog seems to have dozed off for Autumn.
There is not much to say at the moment and waxing lyrical on the everyday household chores does not really inspire. We have gone out into the country a few times, notably to a free Sunday concert in Castletown House. It is a beautifully restored 18th Century Palladian mansion and the stucco work is very beautiful. Ireland is probably a surprise to visitors who have heard only stories of poverty and deprivation. Some of the most skilled artists came here during the 18th Century, mostly from Italy but also from Switzerland. A visit to Riverstown House in County Cork is very highly recommended. Contacting the Georgian Society is a good idea, as they know all about the hidden gems.

Thanks to having uploaded a photo of the fine outdoor balustrade at Castletown, I have learned that there is a Flick group that combines geology and architecture.
A very good idea indeed. Balustrade at Castletown House

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