28 October 2011

Much Energy...

is now spent on keeping warm.

Even though the Summer was so cold, it was not a patch on the chilly nights we are facing now. I shouldn't moan, as last evening we went to a lovely local Italian restaurant where there is always a warm welcome and exceptionally good food. This treat was after a trip to the polls. Our new president will soon be in place and the less said the better about the waves of vitriol that have poured through the official media for weeks. Most people have lives and don't bother to cause trouble daily. Picking on public figures has become the latest blood sport for some.

I was going to go to Imma this morning. The Museum of Modern Art is always interesting, but laziness took over and it also seems more pressing to organise my own photos. A strange shift of perspective has happened. Now when I go to art galleries, I'm more interested in the shots of the building and grounds that I might capture, rather than the works on display.
This is a pleasant reminder of warmer days and shows that nature in Ireland and Britain is always a joy... Maytime in Yorkshire

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