13 October 2011

Where To Now?

The Autumn has brought the usual leaf fall that sends me out to tidy and clear daily. Not much time left over for literature as a result.
However, since the nights are dark, reading has replaced TV as the distraction of choice. The bookish people who now gather in little groups to hear writers read from their latest work are also good company. Last week we went to hear Alan Glynn read from "Bloodland", a complex thriller set on three continents. Paranoia fiction is seeing a revival, doubtless thanks to the psychological horrors being inflicted on unsuspecting citizens by corporations and governments worldwide.
It's nice to be tucked up indoors with a book that makes one think... Emerald Noir

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Blogger Photographe à Dublin said...

Finally managing a two-hander between this blog and Widgetinghour.

Alan Glynn is big news on "Detectives Beyond Borders" at the moment.

Well done.

10/13/2011 2:16 pm  

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