8 September 2011


It is possible that when the gene for "team spirit" was being doled out it passed me by. That may account for my puzzlement at gaming and how hordes of enthusiasts gather in one place to spur on groups with various implements in the name of sport.
It was therefore a great relief to find that I am not alone. There was once a lot of muttering from Noam Chomsky about why he should support the college hockey team since he did not know anybody on the hockey team.

"I hate all sports as rabidly as a person who likes sports hates common sense" by H.L. Menchen does seem to go a bit too far however.

Tennis I could once manage, as when the going got rough one could always use the net as protection from assault. Athletics is mostly OK, as really one is competing against oneself. Running to represent a country is so extraordinary in my eyes that I was exhausted by a trip to the World Athletics and had to refuse to go back for more excitement, even though this was considered to be a remarkable treat, not to be missed.

Horse racing is is a totally different league and I don't even know if there are teams involved.
Must go look it up...

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