30 August 2011

A Bit at Sea

As an organism that finds it difficult to function at a temperature below 25 degrees celsius, or so, this past Summer has sent me into a temporary unseasonal hibernation. It seemed useless to comment on world affairs, the death of the chat room, the sheer morbidity of much contemporary journalism and fiction or the fact that television is not worth the licence fee... or for that matter, buying a television with which to torment oneself. Keeping warm became a priority.

The fruit harvest is exceptional, thanks to dryness during the pollination season I suppose.

However, here's to some basic brain functionality returning, if September should manage to produce a few balmy days. Most photography has been indoors or from the snugness of the car.

Blue with the cold is well expressed by this drive-by shot of Dublin at dusk.

Dublin at Dusk, SOOC

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