28 August 2011

The Giusti Gardens, an Update

I'm reposting a piece about the Giusti Gardens in Verona because it is worth mentioning why I found the visit so disorientating.

The statues are arranged in concentric circles, which took some time to work out and this may account for why I felt so unsettled and tired there. The solution was to sit on the rim of the central fountain until I could get my bearings and finally climb up to the viewing point above, which has one of the most spectacular views over this lovely city.

It's worth noting that the famous cypress trees are relatively new, as they were planted in 1946 to replace those destroyed by war. This last piece of information thanks to the link here: "" And here's the original piece, which was inspired by how, in general, sculpture may be the Cinderella of the blogging world.

There is one subject that could be better represented on the Internet... Sculpture.

Statues are everywhere nowadays and they make large and obvious subjects for anybody who has little patience with nature's buzzing and flapping or the impossibility of capturing a "true portrait" of people one meets.

I am always aware of the incredible effort taken to make an object in resistant materials that is meant to last for a very long time, if not forever.

The statues in the Giusti Garden in Verona disport themselves so strangely through the formal hedging that it took several hours before I could comfortably capture them. Whoever placed them where they are must have had a sense of humour, as they don't conform to what the ordinary viewer is trained to expect.

They wanted to confuse the new visitor?
Or perhaps they did not have a classical sense of proportion?

The reason is probably lost in the mists of time.
Statue in the Giusti Gardens

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