29 June 2011

Getting a Grip on the Domestic Interior

I've been watching the Greek reaction to austerity.

Tear gas on the streets of Athens is not exactly a good way to encourage tourism, so it seems obvious that Irish people will probably continue to grin and bear it when it comes to being lectured daily on the necessity to suffer and "take the pain".

Also there's a lot to be said for just ignoring the self appointed experts on social policy who clutter the media and drone on in a miserable tone about the horrors that are yet to come.

I have decided to keep scrubbing and polishing... there's nothing like beeswax to bring a shine to the dullest wooden surface. And in the moments snatched from crawling around looking for spiders' webs in dark corners, studying depth of field helps develop a sense of perspective.

It's actually warm in Dublin today.
Carpe Diem and all that... Blue Bokeh

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