29 October 2011


There is a lot of chatter about work these days. The truism that everybody should have the right to earn their living is beginning to look very irrelevant in a world where people are wearing themselves out with often meaningless activity in return for a basic living wage.

The grumbling continues so it was a pleasure to see a programme on TV during the week where John Humphrys explored the reality of the welfare state in both the US and Britain. Civilized societies have safety nets for their citizens, which is why we have social security and, for those who are unable to join the workforce, a system of benefit that ensures quality of life. I signed on in the early 1980's, as friends queued to leave the country, never to return. Between the jigs and the reels, I cobbled a job of sorts together that finally became untenable.

While I missed the people I used meet while working as a hack, it was not cost effective to keep going.

I wish that somebody would explain the realities of low paid employment to all the over-talkative experts who talk down to those who scrabble for a living daily.

Some jobs are simply not worth doing... Rock Pool in the Grampians

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