18 February 2011

Things Are Looking Up

In the Vietnamese Restaurant


16 February 2011


The weather has certainly been a great consolation at the moment. 30 degrees in Melbourne yesterday and, while today is overcast, doors are open and the happy sounds of industry come from down the road.

"Does the sun ever shine over there?", my Flickr friend, Billie in California once asked. Ireland is certainly a land of magical shadows and mists, but having looked at the photos tagged "Ireland" on Photographedublin, I have to admit that my palette is of a Stygian darkness that even the early Romantics would have found a bit oppressive.

As a result, I started jacking up saturation to make shots, even taken on dull December days, look cheerful.
Somehow they just look unreal...

Dusk in Winter

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14 February 2011

I Am in a Mood...

It's a bit of bad luck, really, having braved long haul flights, tropical suns beating down and the vague feeling of insecurity that travel always gives me, to end up with the common cold. There are advantages in having to stay put for several days, thanks to having become a loud, barking social nuisance. I can get photos organised, work on textures, think about all the nice things that will happen once the loudest cough in Christendom stops racking my body.

However, being out of sorts is not ideal. I have lost all interest in Joseph Conrad, which is a real sign of going under. A week ago I was polishing up ideas about "Lord Jim's" relevance in the world of colonialism and trade politics. Now, I couldn't care less if I never opened the book again, which just goes to show how the virus is the true World Dominator.

However, since I started this caper with feeling poorly, Egypt has seen a regime change and my photography pal in Dublin, Kyle Tunney, is getting his first exhibition organised, to open on the first of March. If you hop over to Short Sights at Noon, you'll find a link to his site, with all the detail.

In the meantime... Peace....Man... Peace Man, by Kim Clark

Chinese New Year, 2011