17 February 2007

Blogger Review

A bit slow off the mark, I know, but I've just discovered the marvelous "Blogger Review". It's part of the Google Groups network and once you join you can chat to fellow members, find new blogs to read and generally think about new ideas.

16 February 2007

Technorati Lights My Fire

Technorati offer a quick and efficient WTF section
 where hot news can be posted. 

 " Where's The Fire"  is updated often by members.

The Title Link here is Hot.

Please hit...

15 February 2007

Linking to Flickr

Today I took some time to rediscover Flickr.   Photo sharing is simple.   Uploading is speedy and a quick description of favourite photos can be quickly written.   

One of the best features is the option to drag photos to a map of the World and link them, exactly, to the place they were taken.   Geotagging makes photography so much more real.

Having discovered the quick live link system here at Blogger, I've linked the Title above to a small collection of Flickr  photos compiled over the past few months.

Vote Here

Hitting the title link above
brings voters directly 
to the Irish Blog Awards voting sheet.


Alive, Alive O

There's a feed to the Irish Blog Nominations if you hit the Alive, Alive O button above.


All the excitement about blogging has sent me around the Web, checking out posts and updating a bit here and there. Flickr is one of the best sites for uploading photos. My Teacher is a poster who keeps a monitoring eye and offers encouragement and new ideas.

14 February 2007

For Podge, who knows a good photo when he sees one...

With special thanks to Podge, who voted for my blog. I know this because he told me so:

"so I voted yer blog as best photoblog in the awards thingy".

We both post to, one of the best Photo Sites on the Web. Anybody thinking about voting in the Irish Blog Awards might like to keep their work in mind. They have been nominated in several categories:

La Sainte Valentine

Today is a Red Letter Day around the World. Special cakes are baked for loved ones; everybody promises undying affection. It's a happy day. Enjoy.

This morning was unusual. Thanks to a quick visit to The Pub in Techfocus The Lounge, I have been feeling a bit dizzy. The Irish Blog Award Nominations have been posted and Photographedublin has been shortlisted in the Best Photo Blog category, Sponsored by - The online photo editor.

Many thanks to Elimare who mentioned this.

All the details are easily found at the following sites:

Chat rooms are agog.