8 December 2006

Too Much Information

Browsing has become a matter of many choices. Do I want to risk a third party reading what I write, as I write it. Whatever...

There are now so many of us posting, chatting and generally enjoying life on the Web that all the codas, security notices, caveats and puzzling .phps in the World cannot seem to slow us down.

7 December 2006


This rose reminds me of a design for napkins.


I'm beginning to have fond memories of days in the past spent carelessly travelling round the Internet without firewall or anti-virus. Batting popups out of the way was actually fun.

Now I'm having sensible conversations with moderators who explain that we are all in the same boat when it comes to being muffled up in security systems and following contractual points of order in a very adult way. I look with an analytical eye at every preposition. Somebody might have copywrite out on the blessed things.


The piece on the Crystal Creatures exhibition in Dublin's "Dead Zoo" got some positive feedback. The topic is hot news as conservationists gather to wonder how to get these fragile treasures preserved for posterity.

6 December 2006


The Internet has at last liberated individuals to find their own voice without the oppressive authority of editors who lose money if a spade is called a spade. Since this is the case, I am surprised at the number of people who post in anger to chat rooms. They are free. Do they not feel free?

I have been thinking about this, coming from a site that should be abuzz with lively discussion. It is not. The editorial policy includes a clause that the moderators may use subscriptions by posters in any context they choose, without asking permission.

That site is preternaturally quiet. Too quiet....

4 December 2006

Thank You, Anonymous

Many thanks to Anonymous who posted comments to the Photographe à Dublin page last month. The delay in responding was due to a steep learning curve which involved making sense of html and stopping using Firefox for the time being.

No time here for kissing frogs, I'm afraid. The one in the photo had just thrown a tantrum because we had taken away his pond.

Photo Enhancement

For some time I have been getting good use from Harry's Filters in Irfanview. The burn tool can be very strong, so it is worth looking into the Darken feature, using BW Limiter Pro. It enhances textures in bark and stone.