15 June 2007

14 June 2007


ça y est.

The Republic of Ireland
has a new Government.

Chill to Jazz


If I had not a lamb dinner
to cook, I might be
ripe for conversion.

Landing pages?

Tomorrow's class...

13 June 2007

Je tâche de comprendre, afin de pardonner

This link to speech recognition technology
may be the way forward.

The Moving Finger

The "Hindi Enabled" feature in Blogger
is now so alarming an experience,
I have turned it off.

One starts typing in English and
the machine takes over, changing
to Hindi.

The last time I had such a scary
experience was when I started school
and found I had to learn Irish.

Still have not recovered...


Gradually working through photos taken in Yorkshire
in April is a pleasant task. The bright Spring
light made photography lively.

The teal cast in photos taken with Kodak Portra VC
can be modified using filters.

12 June 2007

News Says Nothing to Me

As usual, Damien Mulley's blog is a
place to go if you feel like thinking.

Today he is wondering about the role
of the journalist in contemporary society.

Apart from major World events being
recorded by reliable professionals,
probably blogs are the best way
to keep up with everyday life.

Bringing in Reinforcement

Photofiltre is versatile.
Sections of images may be enhanced
with filter effects.

11 June 2007

Chinoiseries 5

An inspirational find, this link to
far flung art sites, not simply Chinese.

The influence of Oriental techniques
in painting at the end of the
19th Century was a fine improvement
in European Art.

Matisse and Renoir
are personal favourites

The Kerala Connection

Thanks to Biby Cletus for the recent kind comment.
As a result I'm now able to enjoy a really well written blog made by a lively team.

Wrought Iron Gate

Super Saturation