25 January 2008

In a Light

I would recommend anybody who wishes to improve their photography skills to join Flickr.
It has a remarkable pool of experts.

I'll probably be spending more time there than on my written blog.

It's worth mentioning that the Handle I chose for posting
there, "Rosewoodoil" is linked to the great tree which
produces a very soothing oil.

Is There Something in the Air

I'm beginning to wonder about chat rooms.
Probably not the only one, judging from the tirade of
media attention that the world of Jabberwocky seems to

I like burbling.
Shall continue to do so.

Wonder about all the other posters to
Techfocus the Lounge.
Do they sit wondering, I wonder...

Must be something in the wind and air today,
to set off such a train of thought...

23 January 2008

Flowers and Photography

For the next month I shall be documenting
spring Bud Burst in my garden.

Links to tips can be found by hitting the
Title Bar here.

22 January 2008

Blog Awards and Sponsorship

I see that Damien Mulley is looking for sponsorship for the
Best Group Blog

It looks as if the Irish Blog Awards engine is building up
quite a head of steam.