5 April 2007


Networking, as well as Spring, is in the air.

Suddenly Dubliners are out in the streets, in the shops, on the Internet, chatting, inter-acting and networking their socks off.

Happy Easter to all.


h2g2 link.

2 April 2007

Irish Trees on a Polish Blog

There are some very atmospheric photos of trees on
this lovely Photo Blog by a Polish person living in

Getting a Kick out of Blogging is full of news stories. The Irish Blogosphere
has become energized and is increasingly lively.

You need a recipe for cookies? Look no further.

You would like to find what is being said about
the forthcoming elections? This could be cutting edge analysis.

And there is even a reference to trees in the Tag Cloud.

To be investigated...

1 April 2007


Web Hosting Directory by Blog Flux

Re-Size Matters

The previous photo was resized almost to the
point of obliteration.

The original JPEG was sharpened and
resized on Irfanview, for a clearer picture,
shown here.