18 January 2007

Here is the promised sample.

Painting over the Flaws

I bought a Photo painting CD some time back and continue to try out different effects. With a bit of practice it is easy to brighten a dull photo. This is a patchy effort, partly showing the original and with brighter insets.



Life at Techfocus The Lounge has taken an interesting turn. There are some very professional photographers there who are generous with tips and new ideas. One also posts to Kiwirant.

Creative image makers no longer need to leave home in order to post very lively photos to the Web.

Brave New World.

Oh, No, Not MORE Wind

Today another branch of the Arbutus broke, narrowly missing the car in the front garden. We have an ongoing Gale Warning in Ireland at the moment. Strong to gale force southwesterly winds blowing noisily across the land.

Here's hoping it stops soon.