7 October 2008

The Link Economy

Bloggers are gradually re-thinking the value of their work.
If you blog and there are no links to the wider Blogosphere,
the value is limited in the extreme.

Journalism is also at a cross-roads as the
article in the Title Bar explains.
Used to seeing content as paramount,
journalists can fail to compete with
the lightening speed at which news travels
on the Internet.
By the time it goes to print, a news story
can be old hat.

Could it be that we are all journalists now?

Worth thinking about...

With a Song in My Heart (Repeated Stanza)

I wrote this into the Short Sights Blog by mistake.

Felix culpa, perhaps.

Now I don't have to worry about finding something to say
for today's photography slot.

Perhaps it's worth repeating?

Ever so often I meet someone who thinks that blogging is a
complete hoot.
"So you have a blog?"
Their eyes twinkle with mischief.
"What's it about?"

A quick explanation...
photos... the odd recipe...
really talking about blogging is
not my cup of tea.

Worry usually sets in on my interlocutor's brow.

"You mean you don't TELL ALL???
You have to wear your heart on your sleeve
if you want people to read what you write.

That's NO USE!!!!"

Frankly telling all my personal business to absolute
strangers would never dawn on me.
I assume that they would find the trivia of
everyday life as mundane as I do.
My Facebook Friends keep moving about at a
ferocious rate and update everybody on where
they are at any blessed moment of the day or night.

Very odd...


6 October 2008

"The Irish are a Fair Minded People...

They never speak well of one another."

I grew up with Dr. Johnson.
Teachers seemed to have swallowed his writings whole
and were capable of producing a quip at will.

A useful experience which gives much psychological
protection while surfing Irish blogs.

Why, I wonder vaguely, do so many people work
themselves into a wax over so little.

Blogs are meant to be fun...

5 October 2008


Tomorrow I start into the Autumn Cleanup
in the garden.
The Triffids have taken over again,
with the Eucryphia locked in deadly
combat with the Virginia Creeper.

It could all become a telling metaphor
for contemporary social and fiscal life,
but I'm staying focused and not becoming
too involved with anything outside my own
yard for some time to come.

Wizard of Oz territory?