25 March 2011

Oh Good, It's Back...

The blog aggregator is back up and running.

With over 470,000 blog posts, it is a fine record of activity on the Irish blogsphere.


23 March 2011

The Irish Blog Awards Winners

may be found by hitting the Title Bar.

The event was held in Belfast this year and, as usual, it seems to have been a very lively affair. It's good to see that five of the winners use the Blogspot system. Ever so often I find bloggers who announce that they are going off to another template system and the suggestion seems to be implied that Blogger Blogspot is not to their liking. So far, I continue to find it exceptionally user-friendly.

I forgot to get involved with the Blog Awards this year. Somehow, travel takes all one's attention and the hilarious ribbing I got from one poster last year (or was it the year before?) for having nominated my own blog, had the desired effect. I backed off. I know that if one does not blow one's own trumpet, it's unlikely that anybody else will do it.

Here's wishing all the winners every congratulations on their success. Their blogs are really worth reading and I look forward to more reading over the next year.


22 March 2011

Where Has Gone?

I should know better by now than to keep asking questions that seem to have no answer.

However I like enough to show some curiosity about the fact that it has stopped loading on my computer. As ever, the question arises as to whether this has something to do with my server or whether the site may have been taken down.

It is a useful forum for keeping up with local news and it was heartening to find links to my own blog there.

Here's hoping it returns.