9 January 2010

Bright Day in the City

Apologies to the kind poster who left a comment on the previous version of this photo. Fellow travellers on the Internet Highway complained of problems with accessing the link, so here is a better, improved version.

This may also show up in Twitter accounts as a cryptic link asking for membership of a strange site.
No mystery...
The site is Friendfeed and one has to join to be able to see the photo, in its full splendour there.

Why write about private matters on the Internet a friend asked me recently.
I don't do so.
Anything that appears here of a cryptic nature is my fantasy life being given full rein.

When it comes to playtime on the Net, I always leave others to steal one anothers' Thunder...

City Silhouette

6 January 2010

The Public Domain

The Poetry of W.B.Yeats is no longer governed by copyright.
Wikimedia UK celebrated
"Public Domain Day"
on the 1st January.

Sigmund Freud's early work and Arthur Rackham's
illustrations have also been released for all
to enjoy.

Italian Fountain

3 January 2010

Here We Go, Once Again...

It has been an excellent year. I never make resolutions, which means each year starts without pressure or
stress. In any case, since it's an arbitrary division of time, the idea of a New Year is, like everything else
on Planet Earth, negotiable.

The hyperbole surrounding the recession has reached a humourous level.
Excise duties on alcohol have been reduced so that citizens can drink themselves
into oblivion while laughing in the new decade. Whether or not it is actually
is a new decade is also being discussed. There is a breakaway group who hold
that we must wait another year before celebrating, but such killjoys are in the minority
so far.

Snow has caused the country to grind to a halt, which means days spent indoors,
chatting and catching up on reading. Our street saw in the new year to an
explosion of fireworks and young people throwing snowballs at midnight.

I know I say this every year,
but this has probably been the best Christmas season ever.

In an Italian Garden