3 January 2010

Here We Go, Once Again...

It has been an excellent year. I never make resolutions, which means each year starts without pressure or
stress. In any case, since it's an arbitrary division of time, the idea of a New Year is, like everything else
on Planet Earth, negotiable.

The hyperbole surrounding the recession has reached a humourous level.
Excise duties on alcohol have been reduced so that citizens can drink themselves
into oblivion while laughing in the new decade. Whether or not it is actually
is a new decade is also being discussed. There is a breakaway group who hold
that we must wait another year before celebrating, but such killjoys are in the minority
so far.

Snow has caused the country to grind to a halt, which means days spent indoors,
chatting and catching up on reading. Our street saw in the new year to an
explosion of fireworks and young people throwing snowballs at midnight.

I know I say this every year,
but this has probably been the best Christmas season ever.

In an Italian Garden


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