12 April 2008


10 April 2008

West Cork, Episode 3

An afternoon spent exploring Sheep's Head turned into a photographic
exploration of some very stunning scenery.

The cottages of that locality have a distinctive gable end.
The sea is everywhere, bringing mists and sunshine in equal measure.

House on Skyline

Rock Pool Saturated

Walkers and cyclists find the area particularly inviting.
We cycled round Ireland for six weeks in 1976 and chose the
Beara Peninsula for our far out to sea experience.
Beara lies across Bantry Bay from Sheep's Head
and seems, in general, to get much more attention from writers and
I don't think I would enjoy the hills so much today, but since our travels
thirty years ago were not written up at the time, it might be a story
worth telling in the years to come.

9 April 2008

West Cork, Episode 2

The saga of our visit to West Cork is gather momentum.
The numerous photos are worth working on, so I've started
with some seascapes and have been chatting on The Lounge
about local history and geography.

Gradually getting back to everyday living after being
in such a magical place.

8 April 2008

BW Tree (Small)

7 April 2008

The Colours of Spring

Spring colours...

Mauves, yellows, blues.

The tulip season is now overlapping with
the Narcissus bonanza that started in February.

There are beds of bright-eyed pansies in
many Irish gardens these days.

The linked photo was taken in the National Botanic Gardens
in Glasnevin.

A riot of colour always smacks you straight in the eye.
Recently I visited a very pretty Cork garden, full of very
well tended Camellias and Magnolias. The owner told the
story of one visitor who had found the vivid pinks which
festoon the garden "vulgar".

Spring, vivid pigmentation and floral exuberance are synomymous.

Here's to many more week of jolly "Vulgar Colour".
It's just my thing.

6 April 2008

West Cork

The advantages of taking a Mid-Week Break are enormous.
We wandered in West Cork on Thursday, travelling out from
Bantry to Sheep's Head, stopping along the way to take in
the soft sea air or photograph the ever changing cloud formations
that dominate that part of the world.