14 January 2010

Some Days I Just Feel Like Flying High

Flying over the Alps was a dramatic experience. The clouds were so finely defined. Clouds

The Way


Wallace Stevens had 13 ways of looking at a blackbird.

I have just discovered a site that offers 27 ways of reining Twitter
in and getting it to behave. They do not put it quite like that,
but if you need hel just makde a search fo search for "27 ways to help flind and manage twitter".

It can be exasperating
to find who to follow.
Worse, wondering why a
site that must be a bot of some sort
has decided to follow you takes more skill in sorting out.

The "Block" button stops spam...

13 January 2010

The Twittertime

Twitter has finally been put to sleep in a neat corner of my personal Blogtime.

It is an interesting concept, community building across the Globe, but much of it reads
like Dalek-speak from a distant Planet.

The photography there is exceptionally good and little groups of like-minded
posters share tips. For creating inventive reading lists, it keeps up to
date and makes one seem fashionable
Some pages take an eternity to load and there seems to be too many
bells and whistles, designed to impress rather than inform.

However, so far so good...

10 January 2010

Blogging Back to Happiness

After several days updating and generally putting the blog to rights,
all is in order.