28 April 2011


I'm beginning to have flashbacks to life before computing.
Mostly I was out of doors, Winter and Summer, learning the basics of gardening and thinking about what I would write to entertain and amuse in whatever newspaper or journal I was working for at the time.

The solitary nature of computer work is not much of a shock as being alone in a garden is not dissimilar. However, the computer seems less real. It was a great treat to go to a lecture by Seamus O'Brien, head gardener at Kilmacurragh Arboretum recently, as the computer and the garden suddenly fused in my brain and I could see, at last how compatible blogging, photography and gardening are. I can now send an album of photos taken at Easter Time two years ago to the gardeners in Kilmacurragh. And a return visit is long overdue.

This is one of the best times to go, as the Rhododendrons are in full bloom and the weather is bright and clear.
One of the most beautiful places in Ireland for a quiet stroll, solitary or with friends... Kilmacurragh Walk

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