14 November 2008

Horizon, The Wolds, Yorkshire

12 November 2008

Remembering Brighter Days

In the Greenhouse

A Proustean Moment

White Orchid (Small)

J'aime Proust.

Je suis seule?

9 November 2008

The Forever Factor

The concept of "Forever" haunted my childhood dreams.

Somehow this photo reflects the imagery of timeless beauty.

It could be the finely worked marble...

but then again it may be the sky

that gives a sense of eternity.

Gardens have that dizzying effect...Diana the Huntress

Chatting Away Merrily with Botanists Abroad

Gardeners make friends wherever they go.
Gardening is such a basic, almost primitive, activity,
that it links to every aspect of daily life and survival.

Today I've made contact with botanical experts in Australia,
in preparation for a trip to Melbourne and Tasmania next year.

I'm going to have to sit down in isolation for some time if I should ever want to get down to documenting all the trees I saw and photographed during my previous visits.

In the meantime, anybody who has read "The Magic Pudding" by Norman Lindsey will remember this:

The plain truth was that Bunyip and his Uncle lived in a small house in a tree, and there was no room for the whiskers.